Wednesday, January 21, 2009


This afternoon, my mum got a pleasant surprise package; a Full Moon present from a family we have never met.

For those who don't know what a Full Moon is; the end of the full moon period marks the first month of a Chinese baby's birth. It is also the period when the mother completes her confinement period which to me is also known as the month of pampering, eating lots of meat and wine ... if the old folks have their way, and smelling like a caveman in the hottest month of July because, again, the old folks believe bathing will make a woman's body weak in the later years. Frankly, I think getting the good woman smelling like a bed of garbage just turns the husband green in the face. A man won't, in his right mind, want to do the horizontal mumbo with a being that smells faintly of rotting fish, right?

But, back to the baby.

It was a surprise for my family to receive this gift because we don't know who they are. My mum had asked the Indian guy who handed her the box of goodies if he got the right address, and he said "yup". Turns out, he is the driver for the family who lives in the big house on the hill near where my mum lives. He said, the father of the baby asked him to hand out these gift boxes to random houses around the neighborhood. It's really intriging, the reason why they did that because the usual method is to pass the gift boxes to limited friends and familes.

Different shops sells different Full Moon packages. If you want to see what my husband and I ordered for our first born's full moon celebration, just go to this webpage. We didn't send out full moon presents on behalf of our second son because we decided to hold a party at a nearby KFC restaurant instead.

Anyways, I'd like to think, doing this act of random kindness, if you will, is a nice way of making new friends, with neighbors whom we have never got in contact with. Brings cheer to everyone who receives it as well.
Meanwhile, I'd like to congratulate the Ng family on the birth of their beautiful baby Amber.

Opps, looks likesomeone ate part of the delicious vanilla-chocolate butter before I had the chance to snap a photo of the inside of the box. There's also red colored hard boiled eggs and "angku" pastries. (go to for the recipe)

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