Friday, January 2, 2009


We are always reminded not to share toothbrushes, but I have never been told not to share toothpaste. But recently, this got me thinking because the flu was going around, and I just could not figure out why my family was reinfecting each other. Luckily, with good raw food, most of us recovered quickly from this nasty flu, kids barely sneezed, thank goodness.

Anyways, back to the toothpaste, I realised, we kept touching the toothbrushes that had all those nasty germs with the tube of toothpaste shared among us all.


So, I came up with a simple solution of squeezing a bit of the toothpaste on my clean finger and then spreading the toothpaste on the toothbrush. Problem solved!

Try this if you have the same germ problem as my family did.

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ps it's advisable to soak the toothbrushes in some bleach solution every once in a while to kill the germs (I use trusty Clorox), and to throw the toothbrushes away when the bristles turn wonky.

pps I know holidays are the time lots of family members and friends come to visit and stay over; Chinese New Year is around the corner. It's really a good time to stock up on small tubes of toothpaste to share with those who stay over. The cost is way cheaper than trying to medicate you and your family if you guys get sick right?

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