Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Return to breastfeeding urged amid China scandal

Taken from http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20080930/hl_nm/us_china_milk_breastfeeding

Tuesday, Sep 30, 2008 7:48AM UTC

By Tan Ee Lyn

HONG KONG (Reuters) - China's contaminated milk products scandal, which have landed thousands of children in hospital in China this month with kidney illnesses, has reignited calls from medical experts for a return to breastfeeding.

Apart from expounding the various merits of breastmilk, they warned Asian countries, which have been consuming more dairy products in recent decades, of a possible rise in incidences of diseases like breast cancer and osteoporosis in the years ahead.

"Breastmilk has a lot of advantages for infants. It has antibodies and protects children from (gastrointestinal) infections like diarrhoea," said Marie Tarrant, assistant professor of nursing studies at the University of Hong Kong.

"The baby grows more stably, is not overweight ... the nutritional content in breastmilk changes as the baby grows, unlike formula milk. Breastfed babies just take what they need, bottle-fed babies tend to be overfed."

Breastmilk has more carbohydrates, easily digestible protein, and the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that infants need.

UNICEF and the World Health Organization issued a statement last week calling for the return to breastmilk for infants.

"No infant formula contains the perfect combination of proteins, carbohydrates and fats to enhance infant growth and brain development as breastmilk does," they said.

Mary Lee, a mother of two boys in Singapore, said: "Breastfeed for as long as you can. Not just to provide life-nourishing food to your baby, but to create a life-giving bond with your child for the rest of your lives. I have been breastfeeding for seven years now."

Advocates say infants should be fed exclusively with breastmilk for the first six months of life. Thereafter, infants should receive complementary foods while continuing to breastfeed up to at least the age of two years.

A number of studies in recent years has shown associations between increasing dairy product consumption and diseases such as prostate cancer, diabetes and Parkinson's.

"The Western diet is associated with an increase in chronic illnesses like Alzheimer's, cancer and cardiovascular disease. Leading the list of the worst possible foods for humans and associated with most forms of chronic illness is cows' milk," said Peter Dingle, an environmental toxicologist at Murdoch University in Perth, Australia.

"The breast cancer rate in China is 1 percent, and 13 percent in Australia. It's crazy to think that adopting a western diet is to be of any benefit for kids ... If milk were the fantastic solution for calcium it's made out to be, one wonders why countries with the highest rates of dairy consumption also have the highest rates of osteoporosis."

(Reporting by Tan Ee Lyn; Editing by Alex Richardson)


It's about time we learn how to use our food to reduce illnesses. Take high blood pressure for example. Did you know that cucumbers help reduce high blood pressure because it's high in potassium? Cucumbers also have a significant amount of Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that may also help to lower blood pressure. The problem is instead of eating cucumbers to control their illness, they end up consuming synthetic medicines made by big pharmaceuticals who want people with high blood pressure to take their medicine so that they can earn money from it. You see, companies can't earn obscene amount of money from fresh, organic, raw, great tasting vegetables and fruits, unless they can patent it.

Wouldn't it be nice to one day have your doctor prescribe raw, organic cucumbers for your troubles and monitor your progress based on you eating vegetables and fruits as your medicine?

In addition to lowering your blood pressure, cucumbers can improve your skin, help grow hair, nails, and teeth, and even clean out your kidney.

Go ahead and have a glass of cool, fresh, raw cucumber juice everyday, even if you don't have high blood pressure and see how much better you would feel just by having it.


Tips to reduce blood pressure


Sunday, September 28, 2008


Early this year, the readers of a certain forum I am a member of found out that an entire Singaporean family died in a car crash on a Malaysian highway, except for the miracle baby Jolene Bong who was flung out of the vehicle and landed on grassy patch literally unhurt. http://www.thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2008/3/28/nation/20771732&sec=nation

All of us, being parents, understood how sad the situation is for the little orphan baby, and even more so, when we found out that she was still breastfed by her mother at the time of the horrific accident. Many of the mothers in the forum immediately offered their breast milk to give to the little angel.

To understand why this is a great sacrifice by these women, you need to know that breast milk is hard to store, hard to transport, hard to obtain, hard to make. I remembered crying the first time I pumped milk for my first child, only to barely get an ounce out of my body. And I remembered wondering how I'm going to feed my child, if I can't get my production to speed things up! I was so disappointed. Fortunately, things looked up soon enough, but it was a real struggle back then.

I can't stress enough about breast milk being the number one raw food for the baby, and everyone needs to be supportive of mothers who are trying their best to breastfeed their children. So, if you see anyone discouraging mothers from breastfeeding, look them in the eye, smile and say "Stop that! Kiddo needs mummy's milk!"

Jasmin"Eat Raw Food Today" facebook group

ps go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/asiaparents/ to sign up and join AsiaParents group

Friday, September 26, 2008


The melamine problem is a real disaster but if I can put a positive to this, it’s that the milk industry will finally be better controlled after the dust settles and that’s a good thing for all of us.

Plus, let me tell you, I'm more aware of what I'm feeding my first kid (still breastfeeding second kid) and I'm reading more food labels now. I'm increasingly distress that I can't pronounce many of the ingredients! But raw food? Easy! A carrot is a carrot. Raw milk from a cow is raw milk from a cow. The basics are always better.

"Eat Raw Food Today" facebook group

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Yesterday, someone I know went back to the supermarket to return 4 cans of Dutch Lady baby milk powder. Now, the act of doing this cost money. You see, he has to drive to the supermarket. That's his petrol / gas money down the drain. How about his opportunity cost for spending time going to the supermarket instead of doing something more productive like working or spending time with his daughter, playing with her? The supermarket has to pay the staff to interact with disgruntled clients who wish to return suspected milk products. The distributors wasted their funds bringing the product to the supermarket shelves. The government agencies spent your money to check on suspected items, and making statements to the public. The public has to pay when parents bring their babies in, to government hospitals, to check on their babies' health. People throwing away chocolates and ice creams into the trash can. The list goes on and on. Due to the horrid acts of a few rogue farmers and milk manufacturers, everybody has to pay .... somehow.

This is why, we as the public, has to keep on drumming into everybody to be social conscious. Something happens, and the whole world is affected, literally! Something happens in some remote, small rural dairy community in China, and everybody has to pay for it, not just in China, not just in Hong Kong, not just in Singapore, not just in America, we can't think, "it won't affect me".

What can we do, to make sure disasters like this do not happen? We need to speak up and make a stand when we see some injustice going on, and not keep quiet, which is what we Asians are prone to doing!

Jasmin Who Used To Be Quiet As A Church Mouse Finds Her Voice On The Internet!
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Monday, September 22, 2008


So anyways, I have been receiving tons of smses from friends about which products have been banned by SINGAPORE'S Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA). It's good to be cautious, but some of the items listed in the smses are actually not banned. Take, for example, Dutch Lady Milk. Only one Dutch Lady milk is banned and it is the Strawberry flavored one imported from China. Dutch Lady has the same strawberry flavored milk product imported from other countries, and those are not banned. (see my previous article to view the picture of the banned item).

I'm guessing the escalating costs of milk products is the reason why Dutch Lady imported this Strawberry Flavored Milk from China as milk from Australia and New Zealand is getting much more expensive. But the result is devastating. Due to these smses, a lot of people are now assuming all Dutch Lady products are banned.

As of now, AVA says they have detected only 3 items found to be contaminated with melamine.

They are;

1. White Rabbit Creamy Candy (OooOoo, I used to love them as a kid)
2. Yili Brand" Choice Dairy Fruit Bar Yogurt Flavored Ice Confection
3. “Dutch Lady” brand of strawberry flavored milk

Do note that since 19 Sep 08, AVA has suspended the import and sale of all milk and milk products from China. These products include milk, ice-cream, yogurt, confectionery such as chocolates, biscuits and sweets as well as any other products containing milk from China as an ingredient. Malaysia has followed suit and has suspended the import and sale of all milk and milk products from China.

I think it's best NOT to consume anything from China that has dairy in it. PERIOD!

Eat some raw food today!

"Eat Raw Food Today" facebook group

ps here is what reader Wendy Chan best explain what to do in times like these.

I think best bet is becoming vegetarian in this era of milk poisoning, mad cow disease, bird flu and what nots. It's scary. Let's just go back to basics. I'm a big fan of organic and raw veggies and fruits. I recommend this book "Skinny Bitch" if you haven't read it before. It contains the harsh reality of animal cruelty and plenty of information about going vegetarian. I'm a vegetarian by choice, I'm trying to go vegan, though I haven't been able to do it yet. Haha, eggs are still my staples.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


I was looking through my stash of biscuits, and I noticed that I still have a bunch of China made biscuits I bought from the Chinese medicine shop. One of the ingredients listed is milk.

Now, from the look of things, melamine contaminated milk may have unknowingly been used in many, many China made products. So, I'm taking no chances, and I'm going to put aside ANY China products that has dairy in it until I'm pretty sure they are ok to be consumed.

"Eat Raw Food Today" facebook group

Saturday, September 20, 2008


19 Sept 2008

SINGAPORE'S Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) has expanded its checks on milk and dairy products from China for melamine contamination.

The AVA said there are 19 dairy and milk products from China sold here. Among them are well-known products such as Magnum, Meiji and Walls ice cream, Rabbit milk candy, and Monmilk and Yili milk.

There is no China-produced infant formula or milk powder available on shelves in Singapore; however, manufacturers here do use un-branded milk powder and other dairy products made in China, the AVA said.


Jasmin's comment

This is cause for concern for us Malaysians and Singaporeans. I have checked the internet, and so far, there has not been any news about Malaysian use of China dairy products. It doesn't mean we don't use it here in Malaysia either. It just means, there's no news of it.

The best thing is to avoid any dairy you can't trust it's origin. Better yet, eat raw food. Worried your kids are not getting enough fat? Let them have coconut milk (santan). Sesame seed has very high calcium which is believed to be better absorbed in the stomach than the calcium in cow's milk.

"Eat Raw Food Today" facebook group

ps please inform your friends of this article. I'm sure they would be very concerned about what dairy they are using right now.


Suspension Of All Milk And Milk Products From China

Our tests also found that the “Dutch Lady” brand of strawberry flavoured milk manufactured in China to be contaminated with melamine. These products have also been recalled and will be destroyed. Other “Dutch Lady” brand milk products which are not manufactured in China are unaffected.

By the Agri-Food & Veterinary authority of Singapore


Jasmin's Comments

Holy cow!

Melamine HAS reached our shores. We were just unaware, just like the Chinese parents from China.

It makes me just so distressed to think this was a result of a few greedy, wicked people's actions. Greed has a way of affecting innocent people, and with global exports, it has far reaching consequences.

There are lots and lots of products that used China dairy. I just hope that the manufacturers, the shop owners and so on (not only in China, but for the rest of us) will volunteer to recall or discard any products which they think contain the offending product. There is no point being unscrupulous. Eventually, it will come back to haunt the ruthless and the unprincipled and hurt so many people.

In the meantime, we need to take extra-extra precaution on what we consume.

"Eat Raw Food Today" facebook group

ps do warn your friends about this milk product. Show them the picture of the product that has been banned.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Last Saturday, a bunch of like-minded people were talking about raw food, and one of the ladies was commenting about how, despite years of education, school canteen was still providing unhealthy snacks for our kids. I was on a roll and started writing a long article about children loving junk food in school, why it makes them sick and how we can turn the tide and so on. Then, I stopped and deleted the entire thing because the whole article was starting to sound like a lecture! Then, I wished I didn't promise to write an article about canteen junk food. The answer is really simple actually.

We all know there's junk food temptation everywhere. The answer boils down to parents, not the school.

I mean, Muslims parents don't eat pork (kosher food), and Muslims kids in school are not tempted to eat pork. Hindu parents and many Buddhist parents don't eat beef, and their kids are also not tempted to eat beef in school. If parents do not consume junk food, the kids will not take to junk food as well.

By making healthy eating a matter of routine, without fuss with our kids, with love and care, and education about healthy options, they will follow our lead, yes, even in school. :-)

Jasmin"Eat Raw Food Today" facebook group

ps I know this article is mainly about parents and kids, but it's relevant if you don't have kids and are in contact with kids. All of us are role models to children. It helps to show children, adults enjoying raw fruits instead of candy and other no-no food.

pps how do we deal with people who sabotage our efforts in feeding our future hope healthy food? If you have ideas, please pm me or start a discussion in the facebook group.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I am so outraged reading about the 2 babies dead, and about 500 babies made ill, after drinking tainted milk in China.

Breastfeeding is the best way to protect a child from all these dangers. But I do realize it’s not possible for every baby. A lot of mothers have to leave their children and work faraway. A lot of mothers have to work the entire day and have to leave their children with caregivers. We place our trust in companies to provide the best nutrition for our babies and the babies end up being poisoned instead. Bad food cases are cropping up everywhere, not just in China. Children have been taken ill in USA after eating undercooked burgers, Malaysian children struck down with diarrhea after eating in dirty school canteens (cafeteria).

What a tragedy for us all.

We, as parents, as brothers and sisters, as uncles and aunties, as grandparents, must take responsibility to provide the best nutrition for our family. One of the best forms of nutrition, believe it or not, are raw fruits, raw vegetables, raw nuts, raw food, lovingly prepared by our hands.

I know we are all busy people, but I'm asking all of us to make a pledge to ourselves to do something about how we treat food, and where we get them from, and how we feed ourselves and our family. Get a piece of paper, write down what your pledge is, don't have to be long nor complicated, and stick it somewhere you can see it constantly, like on a stick it note stuck to your computer monitor. If you think you can't do it yourself, feel free to message me your pledge, and I'd be happy to contact you once in a while to check on your progress ....

Jasmin who is going to sign off and kiss her sleeping sweeties now.

ps sometimes it helps to have friends who share the same concern. Perhaps you could do an Oprah group thing where a bunch of you guys at the office will band together to eat better collectively.

pps speaking about banding together, what can we do to get healthier meals in school canteens? I'll write about some shocking, or maybe not so shocking truths tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Trigger-happy, I drop a tablespoon of enzyme into a brand name glass cleaner and set to work on my mirrors. Seeing my grinning reflection in the stain-free mirror totally pumps me up, but I can’t help but roll my eyes when I notice I still have zits at 27.

I dab a bit of enzyme onto some zits along my hairline. It stings a bit, but next morning, the pimples seem to have shrunk a bit. This is magic.

Read more about it in http://mysmartmoneytips.com/2008/07/29/garbage-enzymes/

If you or your parents or someone you know read Chinese, take a look at this. http://longlife.lifepub.com.my/index.php?ch=8&pg=20&ac=1142

More on garbage enzymes

a) Using garbage to clean your plates http://eatrawfoodtoday.blogspot.com/2008/09/using-garbage-to-clean-your-plates-yes.html
b) Recycling your garbage http://eatrawfoodtoday.blogspot.com/2008/10/garbage-enzyme-photos-recycling-your.html
d) Garbage enzyme cleans my world http://eatrawfoodtoday.blogspot.com/2008/12/garbage-enzyme-cleans-my-world.html

Monday, September 15, 2008


God works in mysterious ways. Just yesterday, I wrote about doing something about the environment. Then, last night, I met two ladies who told me that they store all their veg and fruit peels in 5 gallon plastic containers to make enzyme solution to clean floor, wash dishes, feed the dog (to promote a healthy gut), to fertilize the plants and so on. I'm thinking that this is an amazing concept. A product that can do so many things, and literally cheap and easy to make!

So, I went into the internet and started searching to see if there's anything about this. And lo behold, there is.

This garbage enzyme was first developed by Dr. Rosukon Poompanvong from Thailand. Dr Ros was an agriculture student, but when she was studying in her University, she found out she had bad reactions to the chemical treated crops. They gave her migraines. So, she made her life work to search for alternatives, that would benefit plants. What she came up with not only benefited plants, it was even better. It benefited us, benefited the environment. Dr Ros came up with something we call the garbage enzyme that could literally put a lot of companies out of business! We are talking about multi million dollar companies that make chemical fertilizers, chemical pesticide and herbicide, artificial vitamins, and so on. Why? Because once we start using enzymes to replace all these chemicals, we won't need to buy all these dangerous cancer causing, environmental unfriendly products anymore!

This garbage enzyme is like stuff out of a sci-fi dream. This reminds me of the scene from the the movie Back To The Future I saw years back, where Doc Brown started throwing garbage into Marty McFly's sports car equipped with a "Flux Capacitor" that ran on garbage. At that time, I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Well, the future is getting closer now people.

Anyways, my kids' nanny from Indonesia (yup! she hasn't left Malaysia yet, pending an appeal with the Immigration Dept) said, she's sure her village people in Indonesia would love to learn to make and use the garbage enzyme. Currently, the villagers grows corn, and after they husk the corn, there's lots of byproduct which they just burn. The burning fumes makes everyone sick. We are talking about acres and acres of burning land. They also have to spend a lot of money to buy chemical fertilizers and herbicides which they can ill afford. After all that effort, they can still barely put their kids through school, hence she now works in Malaysia as a nanny. I'm in the midst of searching for info in Indonesian language to print for her to send to her family. If there isn't any, I will translate it to Bahasa Malaysia and let her re-translate it to Bahasa Indonesia.

Skin problems resulting from the use of pesticides.

The Indonesian villagers are not the only ones who worry about the cost of living. Lots of people in Malaysia and Singapore worry too. We can make and use the garbage enzyme to reduce our expenses and have one less thing to worry. It's easy to make and take very little space, doesn't smell funky, like vinegar actually.

Meanwhile, I'd love to tell you about Dr Joean Oon from Penang who has made it her personal campaign to educate people on the wonderful use of garbage enzymes. She and her 10 dedicated staff has been on garbage enzyme road shows all across Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia and India.

We can do our bit too.

Jasmin Choy
"Eat Raw Food Today" Facebook group

More on garbage enzymes

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b) Recycling your garbage
c) Garbage enzyme cleans my world

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


My stomach is so bloated and fat, but the rest of my body seems thin in comparison. How do I get rid of it?
Without meeting you or looking at your medical history, it's hard to pinpoint the exact problem.

Your stomach could be fat because you eat more than what your body requires, and the fat is stored in your stomach region (called the "space tire").

Now, one of the reasons you may feel so bloated is that your digestive system is out of whack. You may have candida and/or digestive health concerns. I recommend you try a good colon cleanse and enemas to detoxifying your digestive system.

Did you know that drinking tap water directly from the tap in Asian countries is bad for you? For one thing, we don't know if all the bacteria and other microorganisms have been eliminated from the water. Plus chlorine is really bad for your system. Chlorine is said to be cancerous. Chlorine is added to the water to kill bad bacteria, but in the process, it kills the good bacteria in your stomach when you drink it neat, straight from the tap. The solution is simple. Get a good water purifier. Boiling water does not remove chlorine, unfortunately, though it does kill microorganisms.

Make sure you take a good probiotic or eat raw yogurt, raw kimchi, raw enzyme drink that has good bacteria for your gut. Some people reported dropping weight quicker with the introduction of good bacteria in their stomach because it helps the body to process food more efficiently.

Also, please eat more raw food. Raw veggies and fruits generally make your body's PH more alkaline. The current cooked diet today generally makes the human body more acidic, which in turn causes a lot of health related problems. It goes without saying, your diet totally effect your health and getting your digestive system to work properly is of the utmost importance.

Jasmin Choy"Eat Raw Food Today" facebook group

ps tomorrow I will talk about how to avoid cancer from our drinking and bathing from our tap water.

pps eat yogurt with live friendly bugs. It's easy and is actually quite cheap to make. If not, do buy a good, approved probiotic product which guarantees 1) to have enough probiotic in a pill and 2), that does not get destroyed as it passes through your digestive system. Otherwise, you'll be eating an expensive pill which does nothing for you.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


A lot of people are not aware that they have digestion problems. I mean, it's not common for a person to go up to another person and ask what sort of stool are they producing, right? Except for me of course, hehe.

A healthy adult stool should be nearly odorless. The size should roughly be the length and width of an infant's arm. It should be in one piece and sink nicely into the bottom of the toilet. It should not reek of a smell so awful that you try to spray your toilet with a scented spray. These are signs that your colon is working order.

If you produce anything else, you should read on.

You have some problems if you have constipation or diarrhea or thin stools or light colored stools or foul reeking odor.If you have small sized stools, it could mean that you have waste accumulating on the colon walls. You need to eat more fiber meaning fresh, raw fruits to push the waste out.

Here are some warnings if you have serious digestion problems.

You have colon problems if your stools are pencil thin. See a doctor immediately!

If you have light, pale, or nearly colorless stools, this means there is not enough bile in the body, and this means your liver is having serious problems! You should not be straining hard, and should feel "empty" after a healthy bowel movement. Look at your stool. What goes in must come out. In other words, if you are not producing stool in comparison to the amount of food you eat - then something in the plumbing system is not functioning correctly. Where does the excess waste go if not out? It stays in your colon and builds up causing a wide variety of health problems AND a cozy place for parasites to live. Look at the size of your belly. If it's big, but the rest of your body is thin, you should try to see if you have waste accumulated in your colon. A lot of people have reported that their stomach had became flat after doing a colon therapy like enemas or colon irrigation or just plain eating better (ie eating more fiber, more fresh, raw fruits and vegetables)

Jasmin Choy
"Eat Raw Food Today" facebook group

ps think someone in your family has colon problems? one of your co-workers having a really stinking time in the toilet? Time to inform them about colon therapy or quietly offer them more raw fruits to eat everyday.

Monday, September 8, 2008


It's important to read this up if you are already undergoing a cleanse.


Take the pineapple parasite cleanse for example. Take it for 3 days, and then, don't take it anymore until 30 days. It will kill a lot of parasites on the first 3 days. But there's unhatched eggs right? You have to wait for the eggs to hatch, to destroy them. After 30 days, do another pineapple parasite cleanse for another 3 days and then, wait for about 90 - 150 days before you do another cleanse so that you will not create resistant parasites. MINIMUM 90 DAYS APART!

Resistance happens when the potent chemicals are repeatedly started - stopped and started again OR when they're taken for too long - months on end - OR when too low of a dose is taken for a long period of time - months. Much like taking antibiotics incorrectly. Some people use too many herbs for too long of a period of time and this can cause the resistance. They do this UNKNOWINGLY because they are under the assumption that herb use and fruits are safe. This is not true. When we use food as medicine, it should be treated like a drug.


This is important. Obviously, we can't feed pineapples, chilli or any other thing except milk to babies because their stomach can not accept these foods.

Pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers should not take any parasite cleanse because the baby will be in danger if we do so. When we do a parasite cleanse, the parasites will try to escape and will try to migrate to other parts of the body. Some of the parasite eggs can be transferred via breast milk. Sounds bad right? I'm a breastfeeding mum myself, and believe me, I would do a parasite cleanse in a heartbeat if I could. But right now, breastfeeding is more important, and I can wait another year to wean, and then zap those monsters when the time comes.

Jasmin Choy
"Eat Raw Food Today" facebook group

ps if you think there's major parasite infestation in your body, please see a doctor to help you, or message me and I will direct you to some websites that can help you. It's very, very important that you do it correctly.

pps tomorrow, I will talk about stools or feces if it's more polite. Too often, we get embarrassed at the pong we generate in the toilet. But do you know, a smelly stool is a sign that things are not right somewhere? Because really a healthy stool should be nearly odorless. See you then.


Still think people can't get infected by parasites?

Think you won't be?

Check this youtube video from the Animal Planet, titled
"Eaten Alive !! - Bugs Eating People from the Inside Out"


Jasmin Choy Who Advises People To Wash Their Produce Carefully Before Eating Them
"Eat Raw Food Today" facebook group

ps Don't forward this video to anyone who you think can't take it! Like your grandma or something. You have been warned!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008


I was at MidValley MegaMall today (a busy and huge shopping mall) when I saw a 6 month old little girl. She was so small compared to my 2nd son (DS2), also 6 months old. In fact, my baby is about double her size.

I had painful memories while looking at her built because my 1st son (DS1) was also small. In fact, he is still small in stature, but picking up in speed now in terms of growth.

My 1st son at 31/2 years old

I kinda blame myself for DS1's size because I didn't eat that much when I was pregnant. I just ate what I thought was ok, so long as it was healthy, organic food. I ate the same way when I was breastfeeding as well. I realise thereafter, it was not ok because he was born just barely 2.2kg. And continued to be small in size.

We, pregnant women, need to eat a lot for our babies to grow big. Ditto if we are breastfeeding. When DS2 was born, I was determined to do it right the second time around. So, I ate bars of cream cheese with crackers, lots of nourishing coconut, lots of protein, lots of water, lots of fruits, lots of nuts, lots of everything. My criteria was, the food had to be tasty to give me more appetite to eat, not like my previous efforts where I ate lots of organic but not so tasty food. The result? DS2 at 6 months old is bigger than most kids his age.

Despite eating for 2, was I fat? Nah. Ask my friends :-)

Breastfeeding just melts away the fat, unless you are Salma Hayek, who complained she could not shake the weight off. Hmmmm.

ps Go ahead and email me, all you pregnant mums, breastfeeding mums who need comfort and support.

pps forward this message to your pregnant friends or breastfeeding friends or even husbands of these ladies, if you think it would interest them.

ppps in case you didn't know, DS1 means Dear Son No 1, DS2 means Dear Son No 2 :-)

Friday, September 5, 2008


Chilli peppers can do a bang up job just as well as pineapples in killing parasites in your body but I think not as tasty and much more painful. This method is probably right up my parent's alley because they so love to pop those nasty (and I do mean it in a good way mum) Thai baby bird chillies raw and straight into their welcoming mouths!

I have been been avoiding them since I got preggy with my 2nd child. Those little bombs do give me a terrible tummy ache every time I eat some. But hey, one's person's poison is another person's magical parasite zapper.

Have fun, and er, be ready to be grossed out!

Jasmin Choy

ps I know I usually encourage you guys to forward any interesting emails to your friends, but this time, read first to see if they'd be able to stomach it before you consider doing it, hehe.


Some parasite problems may result in some of these symptoms.
Do you have them?

- foul smelling bowel movement issues

- suffering with chronic illnesses which doctors say have no cure or they don't
know what caused these problems?

- poor colon health

- urinary urgency for years...getting up as many as six times in one night.

About 90% of the human population has some sort of parasite, one time or another. Consider this. Flu bugs are parasites. So are bacteria. A lot of parasites are microscopic. Others like the tape worm can be between 3 feet or even bigger! Many of these parasites causes familiar problems like those above.

A lot of medical practitioners now believe that bad parasites can cause imbalance in the body, and one of the results is cancer. The cervical cancer, for example is caused by human papilloma virus. Which is why, it is important to stay healthy, making sure parasites do not overtake your body. You should try to get rid of parasites.

Warning, what you are about to see may disturb you!

Gag me with a spoon, please! Yeech!


This picture is something that may have come out from Mad magazine, but really, it could be residing in your body.

Intestinal Flukes

Here's how you check your stools to see if you have anything weird coming out from your body.

1. Sit a fine plastic wire mesh bowl on the toilet seat
2. Poop into the plastic bowl
3. Slowly rinse the poop with running water, while stirring the "shit" (so to speak) with a disposable chopstick
4. Look at the remains of the poop and compare it with the pictures in this blog

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Here's the protocol for the Pineapple Parasite Cleanse which it's said to guarantee to remove the nastiest critters in your body.

Blend 1 pineapple and drink it all up. Have it once in the morning when you stomach is empty, then wait for about half an hour to 45 mins before you have your meal. Have a light lunch. Then, blend 1 pineapple and drink that up 30-45 mins before dinner time.

Do this for 3 days.

You must drink this up on an empty stomach for the enzyme to flush and zap those critters.

You could eat the pineapple instead of blending it up into a frothy smoothie, but personally, I find it hard to eat an entire pineapple at one go. Also, the citric acid in the pineapple may hurt sensitive teeth. So, smoothies are the easier way to enjoy this luscious fruit.

You should eat a fresh, mild tasting pineapple as some pineapples can "bite" your tongue. In Malaysia and Singapore, look out for the tasty, sweet and mild Sarawak variety. The Sarawak pineapples are a bit more expensive, but I feel it's worth it as it's not so acidic.

Do not use canned pineapples. Those are loaded with sugar, and it's not raw and fresh. All it's nutrients have been sucked out of them.

If you think you have a serious case of critter infections, you should go on a 3 day pineapple. They are filled with nutrients, fibers, vitamins and yes- carbs and fructose, so it's not like your gonna starve or become nutrient deficient. It's quite nutritious and healthy for you. Not only that, pineapples are an anti-inflammatory, they are said to help dissolve gall and liver stones and alternative healers believe it helps eat up cancerous cells.

You'd get tons of energy from pineapples because of all the carbs. In fact, the sugar from the pineapple might even give you an energy rush. It's full of vital nutrients and vitamins and water which will give you clear skin.

In due course, you will notice a lot of health benefits! Try it for yourself for a few days or so.

A word of caution .. pineapples may give you watery stools and it will burn! But it's a small price to pay to get rid of parasites in your body right?

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ps tomorrow's topic "Search and Destroy!" Read how to explore and check if you have parasites in you! Warning, the description may be a bit disgusting, to put it mildly, so if things like these give you the geebies, don't open your email tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Pineapple is an amazing fruit। Did you know it can kill tapeworms? What it does is the pineapple enzymes literally strips the skin from the tapeworm, thus killing it.

Now, you are probably thinking "what's this got to do with me?"

I'm sharing this with you because you may have parasites in your body if you are exposed to household pets that wander in the yard, like cats and dogs। You may be exposed if you do gardening or play football in wet, muddy grounds। Children may be exposed to parasites if they play in dirty playgrounds and explore the drains that run through your house।

You can take a chemical to kill worms in your body, or you can use the natural, raw fruit method।

Here's what one of a pineapple fan has to say about the raw fruit as a parasite killer at a discussion board.


I just had to say I think pineapple is greatly underestimated। I have done lots of parasite cleanses over the last 2 years with all different kinds of herbs and methods and have noticed a big improvement in my health। Recently I read about using pineapple to kill parasites so I gave it a try। I started 2 days ago by drinking two juiced pineapples। Later that evening I noticed hundreds of parasites more than I have seen collectively over the period of the two year I did parasite cleansing। Instantly I felt better and my skin was softer it was like I had unblocked something in my body. Last night I did the same but with an enema which unloaded maybe 2 to 3 hundred parasites, I mean liver flukes, the lot! I will be doing the same tonight, can't believe how much better I feel over two days! Maybe it was just me but maybe more people should try pineapple.

Good luck!


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Monday, September 1, 2008


Today is Malaysia's 51st National Day.

To celebrate this holiday, we joined hubby's old schoolmates at TGIF for a scrumptious dinner.
Food was excellent, but boy, oh boy, oh boy, was the servings huge! By now, most of you are aware of studies saying that eating less is actually better for our health right? If that is so, why are servings still such a gigantic proportions at the restaurants, and what can we do about it?

For starters, we can share. We can also just order an appetizer instead of the main course. We could also just eat half, and doggy bag the rest of it back home. There's no shame in eating less, but if anyone asks or if you feel judged for doing these stuff or you are on a date or on a business dinner, just look at your dining companions in the eye, give a wide, genuine smile and say, you are dieting for health reasons; not lying, for sure.

For me, I have to consciously remind myself to eat less instead of just mindlessly wolfing down the entire 3 course dinner because I luvvv food.

Happy Birthday Malaysia!

Jasmin Choy
"Eat Raw Food Today" facebook group