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The pulp from the garbage enzyme make really great fertilizers

So, I have talking about garbage enzymes and how it's good for everyone, and believe me, I've got tons more stuff to talk about it in my blog.

The picture you see above is the cucumber enzyme I made about 3 months back. I juiced the cucumber for my mum and the pulp was just dumped into a container with some sugar and water to stew for 3 months. (1 part whatever vegetable 3 part sugar 7 parts water)

It's really, really simple.

I separate the 3 month old pulp from the enzyme

Keep the liquid enzyme for use at home, and sprinkle the pulp on your plants

However, there are a few things to note when making the enzymes.

1) You'll need to open the cover of the enzyme bottle once a day, and when you close it, just give it a good shake to move the mix around.

You see, the whole mixture produce a lot of gas initially, and if we don't open the bottle at least once a day, the gas will compress inside the bottle and eventually explode. This happened to me, and a whole bunch of oats enzyme exploded in my face as I unknowingly opened a week old garbage enzyme I made in an air tight coca-cola bottle! The sound of the explosion was so loud, my husband ran into the kitchen thinking something really bad happened. You should have seen the look on his face! It's funny now, but man, the explosive Coke bottle cover could have severely hurt me as it flew off.

2) Do not use cooked stuff to make your garbage enzyme.

I knew that using cooked meat could really cause a stink, but Quaker Oats? But yes, apparently, it does. Hubby has been telling me to get rid of this oats batch (yes, the very same one that exploded in my face and all over the kitchen) but, you know, I really hate to see things go to waste. Sure, it smells like some funky cheap glue paste a kid would use for his art projects, but the stuff is still good as garden fertilizer, if not as a cleaning liquid.

Now, when I mean, I used cooked oats to make my garbage enzyme, you might think that I cooked some oats and decided not to eat it right? No. The porridge oats you find in supermarkets like Quaker Oats is already cooked. It is usually steamed, dried and packaged all ready for you. This was what I used. I found some old moldy oats in my cupboard and didn't want to throw it away.

Not all enzymes smell funky. I found that nice smelling fruits make nice smelling enzymes. Mandarin oranges are in season and they smell really fruity.

I usually use the garbage enzymes in my dishwasher. I still find it a little strange to wash my plates at the kitchen sink without any sudsy soap and really, that's just a mindset from way back. I found out, a lot of times, the chemicals used to make soap suds or to make whatever cleaning liquid make more bubbles is not good for us and not good for the environment. So for now, I wash whatever by hand with a biodegradable bubbly cleaner.

Really cleans plastic bottles that have a bit of oil stuck on them well.

I also use the enzyme to clean my floor.
I just use a simple, cheap and cheerful rag mop,
a little bit of water mixed with the enzyme.

I use the enzymes to wash my clothes as well.
Works pretty well, and saves me tons of cash!

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