Friday, October 3, 2008


Dear Jasmin.

Here are some photos of the Garbage Enzyme process that we are trying out. We are just using all recycled materials namely milk bottles. We only started in the middle of September so will take some time yet. We have used orange and lemon skins, tea leaves and even vegetables or onion, garlic skins in the mix. I turn it upside down then open it for a few minutes each day. I used to stir it with a stick and then wash it but then a large army of ants came along and had a feast on the sugary stick. So I stopped using the stick and the ants went elsewhere for a free meal. It smells like oranges and lemons and I am using a mask before I open it. We used lemon skins from our lemon tree in the garden. We try to recycle as much as we can.

See ya,

Den o(~_0)o
Writing from Sydney


Jasmin's Comments

The pictures are so cool. I have mine in round plastic containers, but I have not had the time to take pictures yet (need to get my butt off the chair and go get me some batteries). Check out Den's blog, and drop him a note or be his friend in facebook! I'm sure he would love to know what people think of his crafts.

"Eat Raw Food Today" facebook group

ps if you have not read the previous eye-popping posts on what garbage enzymes can do for you, for example, zap your pimples away, clean your hair, clear dirt from your floor, improve your pet's health plus fertilize your plants then you must read about them here

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