Thursday, October 9, 2008


On 20 Sept, a 4-year-old Japanese girl's Croc shoes got caught in a moving escalator at The Furniture Mall at Beach Road in Singapore. Her big toe got ripped off as her father tried to pull her out.

Now, Croc shoes are one of the most comfortable, but so darn ugly shoes we can ever put on our tired ol feet, and lots of kids wear them, imitation ones and the real deal. Problem is, a lot of Croc shoes have been getting caught in moving escalators, and this is happening all around the world. And a lot of victims are innocent children. Crocs and immitation Crocs are popular here in the tropics because it's comfortable, but do you know that Croc shoes were never meant to be used for everyday use? For boating, was the original use, says the Croc manufacturers.

You know, when I read about this, I feel very just so sad for the poor child. This is not the first escalator accident to happen, so irregardless of what my child wears, I carry him when we take the escalators, and I am careful so that my feet doesn't get caught in the escalators as well. A toddler or a child should not ride an escalator without the adult physically holding their hand, and helping them get on, go up or down and getting off safely. Also, make sure they stand in the center, and not at the sides of the escalators.

Please do be careful.


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ps Don't let another accident happen. Inform your friends and family about this if they don't know about it already.

pps Read more about children, accidents and the Croc shoe at

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