Tuesday, October 7, 2008


My teenage and college years was nasty!

Those who know me know I love food. In fact, I spend a lot of money on food. During my early 20s, my friends and I love to go for expensive hotel buffets and just stuff ourselves silly. And we'd brag about how much could we eat, and see if we ate more than what we had paid for, for the buffet. I would wear loose clothing and when that didn't help, I would unbutton my top jeans button so I could stuff more food in my tummy during those binges. You know it's a really good meal if you get a comatose feeling when you flop onto your soft, silky, cool bed when you got home, eyes glazing over!

Those were the "obscene" days.

Prior to my 20s, I would forgo my mum's cooking at home. I would take the bus from school, drop into the neighbourhood restaurant for lunch and spend all my pocket money on things like 2 large bowls of noddles per meal. People who see me now can't believe me when I say that because I'm no longer the old fat, pimply kid with enormous ugly glasses.

I also had another problem. I loved to shop. I would buy whatever I wanted. If I thought a certain item was too expensive, I would go back and "think" about it. Dream about it. My hands would shake. I think it's was like a drug addiction. And then, I would go back and buy the item. I had lots of useless items. Those who have this secret problem would know what I mean.

So, by 25, I had no assets and my health was just in tatters.My parents did teach me the "value" of money and I did have a bank account, but really, at that rebellious age, did you listen to your parents when they tell you not to buy this and not to buy that?

I learned from my life lessons. I had people guide me. You know, today, people are so lucky. We have more information, more access to everything. Maybe if I had the same access then, I would have been a skinny, gorgeous looking millionaire by 20.

My friend, Carol Yip, author of “Smart Money User” and “Money Rules”, is giving a FREE Talk for parents of teenagers on the following topic: "Discover The 5 Most Dangerous Things That You May Be Doing For Your 15-19 Year-Olds Right Now (Apparently “For Their Own Good”), That Will Eventually Ruin Their Future Careers, As Well As Make All Of You Completely Broke, Faster Than You Think Possible!"

It's really something all parents should go for. You know, if my parents knew about money management as we know now, they would have taught me how to buy my first property at 18, but I had to find out from the experts only when I was 28. Heck, if they knew how, they themselves would have a string of assets when they were 18 as well.

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"Eat Raw Food Today" facebook group

ps Please pass this email to teens and parents of teens who you think may benefit from this.

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