Monday, October 6, 2008


I was watching a very riveting rerun of The Oprah show about Jenny McCarthy, a former playboy playmate/actress/girlfriend of Jim Carrey. She was talking about her little son and how she found out about his autism problem. One of the very profound things she talked about was how she searched for knowledge on autism and got support by using Google as a tool. And through her continuous quest for knowledge, and a radical change of his diet, she has helped her son tremendously.

Isn't it amazing?

I know lots of people with health problems like cancer turning to the internet for answers as well.

However, why must we wait for some castratropic event to happen before we start to search for knowledge?

Why must we lose our jobs before we start to take an MBA course? Why not gain that MBA even before a threat of job security even looms in the horizon. Why do we spend so much money on toys for our children but don't teach them how to mend their clothes, don't teach them how to cook basic meals, don't spend money sending them for important classes that will teach them money responsibility, teach them how to make money in today's world, teach them accountability and so on (I'm not referring to tuition classes here my friends).

Our brain is like a muscle that need constant "exercise".

What's your recent "exercise"?

What's your knowledge gain?

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ps go to this link to view the transcript for Jenny Mccarthy's phenomenal episode on Oprah.

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