Monday, October 20, 2008


I heard about chicken pox parties years ago, back when I was still single, footloose and fancy free. Stuff like that never interest me. I had different parties to go to. But heck, now that I have 2 beautiful kids, even their poo becomes a topic of interest, parents reading this will know what I mean!

Lots of parents in Europe prefer to bring their children to a chicken pox party to infect their kids with chicken pox. They rather do that than to allow their kids to get a vaccine. The downside of a chicken pox party is other people, besides the kids can get infected, and apparently, the older you are, the more severe the reactions will be (good thing there is a pill that can prevent that if you and the doctor can solve the problem early).

Now, I don't want to be biased (as there are 2 sides of a coin), so I'm going to give you links to several different websites that have different opinions about chicken pox vaccines; why kids should have vaccines, why they should not and what is inside them.

I urge you guys who are not married to read this too, cause you will need to know these stuff when your kid pops out. Quicker than you know it, the paediatrician will start to whip out the syringe and you need to know your options. You may not have time or energy to check the info out at that time if you are still sleep deprived because baby decides he doesn't want to sleep at night, every single night!

Happy reading!

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Forum on chicken pox - worth reading to find out some details about how people coped with chicken pox

"Eat Raw Food Today" facebook group

ps don't take what you read on the internet as gospel truth. Please consult your doctor before you decide on the best chicken pox treatment.

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