Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So anyways, after I jumped into the car, and drove off, I soon realized that I had forgotten to pack my stash of fruit. Luckily though, the fruit stalls were still open along the highway stops even though it was quite late, past dinner time.

Hubby bought a kilo of the juicy, rawlicious dukong fruit (called Longkong in Thailand) to eat in the car. I wish I can inform you on the nutritional value of the delicious dukong fruit, but unfortunately, I don't know much about it except it's yummy *slurp*

Anyhow, any fruit is better than chewing on some candy right?  When we are hungry, what do we reach out for? A convenient cookie from the jar? Granted, fruits take a little bit more effort. Generally raw food don't last as long as processed food, but that little bit more effort will mean a lot to your general health. Some people, to reduce the temptation, will go all out and try to remove offending food that tempt them. Me? I take the middle road. I will try to have some raw food first, and then, if I still want my old *no-no* favourites, I will. I believe, the more I try to avoid tempting food, the more I want them, dream about them, salivate and keep thinking about what I can't eat!


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