Sunday, October 26, 2008


Despite the fact my eyesight is perfect, I have problems seeing some of the fonts on my new PDA phone. I think these types are phones are meant for 15 year olds, not really for a person like me. Still, I'm pumped. Like my dad, who is a Big Boy Toy fan, I love gadgets. This little puppy has WIFI, GPS, camera which will allow me to finally put up some photos on my blog, and so on.

I luv this puppy!

Speaking of eyesight, I found out some of the shops in Singapore are now selling organic dried Goji Berries (kei chi seeds or chinese wolfberries or medler seeds). That's so cool, cause now, I don't have to worry about pesticides and what-nots sticking to the fruit. Goji Berries, by the way, is really good for the eyesight. The Chinese for centuries have been using Goji Berries in slowly boiled soups, to not only enhance the flavor of the soups, but to also improve the eyesight, strengthen the immune system and so on. It's really one of the more powerful fruits we can eat.

I do use them in traditional, boiled soups, but I find it's more effective to eat sun dried Goji Berries raw. It's like eating sun dried raisins. All the goodness is still inside the berries since heat has not destroyed the fragile properties of the vitamins and enzymes. I sometimes just carry a small bag of the fruit in my pocket, in case I get hungry, while I'm out somewhere. If you google Goji Berries, you can find amazing facts and figures about how good Goji Berries are for us all.

Cheap, little tasty Goji Berries can be found in most chinese medicine shops or Asian stores around the world. Just walk in and ask if they have the kei chi fruit.


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