Sunday, October 12, 2008


Ever wondered if humans need to eventually eat dead human flesh to survive in this world? In 1973, a very interesting movie called Soylent Green addressed that issue. The movie talks about how overpopulation caused severe depletion of resources on our beautiful planet Earth. As a result, much of the population had to eat processed food rations. One of the processed food was called Soylent Green.

Unfortunately, what the gigantic Soylent Corporation didn't tell the consumers was that the special Soylent Green product was made from human flesh. Instead, they told the public that the small green wafer was made from high-energy plankton.

The movie was set in the year 2022. That's not too far away people. And today, we see all sorts of things quite relevant to the basic message in the story.

There are not enough food in certain parts of the world while rich nations have too much food. I just cringe when I read about chicken farmers burying innocent chicks alive just to create an artificial demand for more chicken meat (if there's a large demand for chicken, but not enough chicken to buy, the price of chicken will go up)

People are poisoning the food in the name of profits. The latest melamine milk fiasco comes to mind. If you haven't read about my posts about this problem, you can access it at the bottom of this post.

Companies are putting in genetically modified food into our food system, despite the fact that the majority of us do not agree to eating genetically modified food. Scientists are now reporting that genetically modified crops like corn and soy beans are cropping up all over the world. So you think you are not eating these foods? Think again. The only way to avoid them is to unfortunately buy the more expensive certified organic produce that are not genetically modified or grow your own food from seeds that are not genetically modified. It's really not a good thing when we have to look at what we consume this way. It should actually be the other way around. We should have food that are not genetically modified available to us at all times, and not even question the origin. It's like milk. We should not even worry about having basic fresh milk (with no additives, no added DHA, no added vegetable fats, no added coloring, no added sugar, and so on) and not worry if there are dangerous chemicals inside.
Lots of food has cancer causing agents used to preserve the food, and we are still eating them. Look at your food labels. You should be worried if you can't pronounce what's inside your food.

It seems like there are times we don't know what we actually eating.

So what are we to do?

Go back to the basics. Buy organic if you can. Buy local produce if you can. Plant your own food if you can like sprouts which are easy, easy to do.

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