Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Trigger-happy, I drop a tablespoon of enzyme into a brand name glass cleaner and set to work on my mirrors. Seeing my grinning reflection in the stain-free mirror totally pumps me up, but I can’t help but roll my eyes when I notice I still have zits at 27.

I dab a bit of enzyme onto some zits along my hairline. It stings a bit, but next morning, the pimples seem to have shrunk a bit. This is magic.

Read more about it in http://mysmartmoneytips.com/2008/07/29/garbage-enzymes/

If you or your parents or someone you know read Chinese, take a look at this. http://longlife.lifepub.com.my/index.php?ch=8&pg=20&ac=1142

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