Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Here's the protocol for the Pineapple Parasite Cleanse which it's said to guarantee to remove the nastiest critters in your body.

Blend 1 pineapple and drink it all up. Have it once in the morning when you stomach is empty, then wait for about half an hour to 45 mins before you have your meal. Have a light lunch. Then, blend 1 pineapple and drink that up 30-45 mins before dinner time.

Do this for 3 days.

You must drink this up on an empty stomach for the enzyme to flush and zap those critters.

You could eat the pineapple instead of blending it up into a frothy smoothie, but personally, I find it hard to eat an entire pineapple at one go. Also, the citric acid in the pineapple may hurt sensitive teeth. So, smoothies are the easier way to enjoy this luscious fruit.

You should eat a fresh, mild tasting pineapple as some pineapples can "bite" your tongue. In Malaysia and Singapore, look out for the tasty, sweet and mild Sarawak variety. The Sarawak pineapples are a bit more expensive, but I feel it's worth it as it's not so acidic.

Do not use canned pineapples. Those are loaded with sugar, and it's not raw and fresh. All it's nutrients have been sucked out of them.

If you think you have a serious case of critter infections, you should go on a 3 day pineapple. They are filled with nutrients, fibers, vitamins and yes- carbs and fructose, so it's not like your gonna starve or become nutrient deficient. It's quite nutritious and healthy for you. Not only that, pineapples are an anti-inflammatory, they are said to help dissolve gall and liver stones and alternative healers believe it helps eat up cancerous cells.

You'd get tons of energy from pineapples because of all the carbs. In fact, the sugar from the pineapple might even give you an energy rush. It's full of vital nutrients and vitamins and water which will give you clear skin.

In due course, you will notice a lot of health benefits! Try it for yourself for a few days or so.

A word of caution .. pineapples may give you watery stools and it will burn! But it's a small price to pay to get rid of parasites in your body right?

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