Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Pineapple is an amazing fruit। Did you know it can kill tapeworms? What it does is the pineapple enzymes literally strips the skin from the tapeworm, thus killing it.

Now, you are probably thinking "what's this got to do with me?"

I'm sharing this with you because you may have parasites in your body if you are exposed to household pets that wander in the yard, like cats and dogs। You may be exposed if you do gardening or play football in wet, muddy grounds। Children may be exposed to parasites if they play in dirty playgrounds and explore the drains that run through your house।

You can take a chemical to kill worms in your body, or you can use the natural, raw fruit method।

Here's what one of a pineapple fan has to say about the raw fruit as a parasite killer at a discussion board.


I just had to say I think pineapple is greatly underestimated। I have done lots of parasite cleanses over the last 2 years with all different kinds of herbs and methods and have noticed a big improvement in my health। Recently I read about using pineapple to kill parasites so I gave it a try। I started 2 days ago by drinking two juiced pineapples। Later that evening I noticed hundreds of parasites more than I have seen collectively over the period of the two year I did parasite cleansing। Instantly I felt better and my skin was softer it was like I had unblocked something in my body. Last night I did the same but with an enema which unloaded maybe 2 to 3 hundred parasites, I mean liver flukes, the lot! I will be doing the same tonight, can't believe how much better I feel over two days! Maybe it was just me but maybe more people should try pineapple.

Good luck!


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Anonymous said...

hi. when you eat pineapple regularly, is there a dead worm that came out when you poop up? bec.i had this experience when i ate pinapple for a few weeks. but i stopped it due to my hectic sched.