Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I am so outraged reading about the 2 babies dead, and about 500 babies made ill, after drinking tainted milk in China.

Breastfeeding is the best way to protect a child from all these dangers. But I do realize it’s not possible for every baby. A lot of mothers have to leave their children and work faraway. A lot of mothers have to work the entire day and have to leave their children with caregivers. We place our trust in companies to provide the best nutrition for our babies and the babies end up being poisoned instead. Bad food cases are cropping up everywhere, not just in China. Children have been taken ill in USA after eating undercooked burgers, Malaysian children struck down with diarrhea after eating in dirty school canteens (cafeteria).

What a tragedy for us all.

We, as parents, as brothers and sisters, as uncles and aunties, as grandparents, must take responsibility to provide the best nutrition for our family. One of the best forms of nutrition, believe it or not, are raw fruits, raw vegetables, raw nuts, raw food, lovingly prepared by our hands.

I know we are all busy people, but I'm asking all of us to make a pledge to ourselves to do something about how we treat food, and where we get them from, and how we feed ourselves and our family. Get a piece of paper, write down what your pledge is, don't have to be long nor complicated, and stick it somewhere you can see it constantly, like on a stick it note stuck to your computer monitor. If you think you can't do it yourself, feel free to message me your pledge, and I'd be happy to contact you once in a while to check on your progress ....

Jasmin who is going to sign off and kiss her sleeping sweeties now.

ps sometimes it helps to have friends who share the same concern. Perhaps you could do an Oprah group thing where a bunch of you guys at the office will band together to eat better collectively.

pps speaking about banding together, what can we do to get healthier meals in school canteens? I'll write about some shocking, or maybe not so shocking truths tomorrow.

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