Thursday, September 18, 2008


Last Saturday, a bunch of like-minded people were talking about raw food, and one of the ladies was commenting about how, despite years of education, school canteen was still providing unhealthy snacks for our kids. I was on a roll and started writing a long article about children loving junk food in school, why it makes them sick and how we can turn the tide and so on. Then, I stopped and deleted the entire thing because the whole article was starting to sound like a lecture! Then, I wished I didn't promise to write an article about canteen junk food. The answer is really simple actually.

We all know there's junk food temptation everywhere. The answer boils down to parents, not the school.

I mean, Muslims parents don't eat pork (kosher food), and Muslims kids in school are not tempted to eat pork. Hindu parents and many Buddhist parents don't eat beef, and their kids are also not tempted to eat beef in school. If parents do not consume junk food, the kids will not take to junk food as well.

By making healthy eating a matter of routine, without fuss with our kids, with love and care, and education about healthy options, they will follow our lead, yes, even in school. :-)

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ps I know this article is mainly about parents and kids, but it's relevant if you don't have kids and are in contact with kids. All of us are role models to children. It helps to show children, adults enjoying raw fruits instead of candy and other no-no food.

pps how do we deal with people who sabotage our efforts in feeding our future hope healthy food? If you have ideas, please pm me or start a discussion in the facebook group.

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