Saturday, September 6, 2008


I was at MidValley MegaMall today (a busy and huge shopping mall) when I saw a 6 month old little girl. She was so small compared to my 2nd son (DS2), also 6 months old. In fact, my baby is about double her size.

I had painful memories while looking at her built because my 1st son (DS1) was also small. In fact, he is still small in stature, but picking up in speed now in terms of growth.

My 1st son at 31/2 years old

I kinda blame myself for DS1's size because I didn't eat that much when I was pregnant. I just ate what I thought was ok, so long as it was healthy, organic food. I ate the same way when I was breastfeeding as well. I realise thereafter, it was not ok because he was born just barely 2.2kg. And continued to be small in size.

We, pregnant women, need to eat a lot for our babies to grow big. Ditto if we are breastfeeding. When DS2 was born, I was determined to do it right the second time around. So, I ate bars of cream cheese with crackers, lots of nourishing coconut, lots of protein, lots of water, lots of fruits, lots of nuts, lots of everything. My criteria was, the food had to be tasty to give me more appetite to eat, not like my previous efforts where I ate lots of organic but not so tasty food. The result? DS2 at 6 months old is bigger than most kids his age.

Despite eating for 2, was I fat? Nah. Ask my friends :-)

Breastfeeding just melts away the fat, unless you are Salma Hayek, who complained she could not shake the weight off. Hmmmm.

ps Go ahead and email me, all you pregnant mums, breastfeeding mums who need comfort and support.

pps forward this message to your pregnant friends or breastfeeding friends or even husbands of these ladies, if you think it would interest them.

ppps in case you didn't know, DS1 means Dear Son No 1, DS2 means Dear Son No 2 :-)

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The Chengs said...

It also really depends on the genetic makeup your child inherits.

Somehow if my baby grows up looking more like my husband, they will be small-sized. If they look like me, they will be taller.

This is despite their birth weight. As long as they look like me, they will be taller eventually. *hehe*.


dd1 is average-weight at birth and small-sized now.

ds1 was small at birth, but tall now.

ds2 was large at birth, but small.

ds3 large at birth. Not sure his eventual size, but he is gearing towards the weight pattern of ds1.

So your children's size, may not be so significantly due to your pregnant & breastfeeding diet. Well, anyway, since you only have 2 to compare with...can't really "conclude" the co-relation with maternal diet yet. ;-)