Tuesday, September 9, 2008


A lot of people are not aware that they have digestion problems. I mean, it's not common for a person to go up to another person and ask what sort of stool are they producing, right? Except for me of course, hehe.

A healthy adult stool should be nearly odorless. The size should roughly be the length and width of an infant's arm. It should be in one piece and sink nicely into the bottom of the toilet. It should not reek of a smell so awful that you try to spray your toilet with a scented spray. These are signs that your colon is working order.

If you produce anything else, you should read on.

You have some problems if you have constipation or diarrhea or thin stools or light colored stools or foul reeking odor.If you have small sized stools, it could mean that you have waste accumulating on the colon walls. You need to eat more fiber meaning fresh, raw fruits to push the waste out.

Here are some warnings if you have serious digestion problems.

You have colon problems if your stools are pencil thin. See a doctor immediately!

If you have light, pale, or nearly colorless stools, this means there is not enough bile in the body, and this means your liver is having serious problems! You should not be straining hard, and should feel "empty" after a healthy bowel movement. Look at your stool. What goes in must come out. In other words, if you are not producing stool in comparison to the amount of food you eat - then something in the plumbing system is not functioning correctly. Where does the excess waste go if not out? It stays in your colon and builds up causing a wide variety of health problems AND a cozy place for parasites to live. Look at the size of your belly. If it's big, but the rest of your body is thin, you should try to see if you have waste accumulated in your colon. A lot of people have reported that their stomach had became flat after doing a colon therapy like enemas or colon irrigation or just plain eating better (ie eating more fiber, more fresh, raw fruits and vegetables)

Jasmin Choy
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ps think someone in your family has colon problems? one of your co-workers having a really stinking time in the toilet? Time to inform them about colon therapy or quietly offer them more raw fruits to eat everyday.

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