Friday, September 5, 2008


Chilli peppers can do a bang up job just as well as pineapples in killing parasites in your body but I think not as tasty and much more painful. This method is probably right up my parent's alley because they so love to pop those nasty (and I do mean it in a good way mum) Thai baby bird chillies raw and straight into their welcoming mouths!

I have been been avoiding them since I got preggy with my 2nd child. Those little bombs do give me a terrible tummy ache every time I eat some. But hey, one's person's poison is another person's magical parasite zapper.

Have fun, and er, be ready to be grossed out!

Jasmin Choy

ps I know I usually encourage you guys to forward any interesting emails to your friends, but this time, read first to see if they'd be able to stomach it before you consider doing it, hehe.

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