Thursday, September 25, 2008


Yesterday, someone I know went back to the supermarket to return 4 cans of Dutch Lady baby milk powder. Now, the act of doing this cost money. You see, he has to drive to the supermarket. That's his petrol / gas money down the drain. How about his opportunity cost for spending time going to the supermarket instead of doing something more productive like working or spending time with his daughter, playing with her? The supermarket has to pay the staff to interact with disgruntled clients who wish to return suspected milk products. The distributors wasted their funds bringing the product to the supermarket shelves. The government agencies spent your money to check on suspected items, and making statements to the public. The public has to pay when parents bring their babies in, to government hospitals, to check on their babies' health. People throwing away chocolates and ice creams into the trash can. The list goes on and on. Due to the horrid acts of a few rogue farmers and milk manufacturers, everybody has to pay .... somehow.

This is why, we as the public, has to keep on drumming into everybody to be social conscious. Something happens, and the whole world is affected, literally! Something happens in some remote, small rural dairy community in China, and everybody has to pay for it, not just in China, not just in Hong Kong, not just in Singapore, not just in America, we can't think, "it won't affect me".

What can we do, to make sure disasters like this do not happen? We need to speak up and make a stand when we see some injustice going on, and not keep quiet, which is what we Asians are prone to doing!

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