Sunday, September 28, 2008


Early this year, the readers of a certain forum I am a member of found out that an entire Singaporean family died in a car crash on a Malaysian highway, except for the miracle baby Jolene Bong who was flung out of the vehicle and landed on grassy patch literally unhurt.

All of us, being parents, understood how sad the situation is for the little orphan baby, and even more so, when we found out that she was still breastfed by her mother at the time of the horrific accident. Many of the mothers in the forum immediately offered their breast milk to give to the little angel.

To understand why this is a great sacrifice by these women, you need to know that breast milk is hard to store, hard to transport, hard to obtain, hard to make. I remembered crying the first time I pumped milk for my first child, only to barely get an ounce out of my body. And I remembered wondering how I'm going to feed my child, if I can't get my production to speed things up! I was so disappointed. Fortunately, things looked up soon enough, but it was a real struggle back then.

I can't stress enough about breast milk being the number one raw food for the baby, and everyone needs to be supportive of mothers who are trying their best to breastfeed their children. So, if you see anyone discouraging mothers from breastfeeding, look them in the eye, smile and say "Stop that! Kiddo needs mummy's milk!"

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