Monday, September 15, 2008


God works in mysterious ways. Just yesterday, I wrote about doing something about the environment. Then, last night, I met two ladies who told me that they store all their veg and fruit peels in 5 gallon plastic containers to make enzyme solution to clean floor, wash dishes, feed the dog (to promote a healthy gut), to fertilize the plants and so on. I'm thinking that this is an amazing concept. A product that can do so many things, and literally cheap and easy to make!

So, I went into the internet and started searching to see if there's anything about this. And lo behold, there is.

This garbage enzyme was first developed by Dr. Rosukon Poompanvong from Thailand. Dr Ros was an agriculture student, but when she was studying in her University, she found out she had bad reactions to the chemical treated crops. They gave her migraines. So, she made her life work to search for alternatives, that would benefit plants. What she came up with not only benefited plants, it was even better. It benefited us, benefited the environment. Dr Ros came up with something we call the garbage enzyme that could literally put a lot of companies out of business! We are talking about multi million dollar companies that make chemical fertilizers, chemical pesticide and herbicide, artificial vitamins, and so on. Why? Because once we start using enzymes to replace all these chemicals, we won't need to buy all these dangerous cancer causing, environmental unfriendly products anymore!

This garbage enzyme is like stuff out of a sci-fi dream. This reminds me of the scene from the the movie Back To The Future I saw years back, where Doc Brown started throwing garbage into Marty McFly's sports car equipped with a "Flux Capacitor" that ran on garbage. At that time, I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Well, the future is getting closer now people.

Anyways, my kids' nanny from Indonesia (yup! she hasn't left Malaysia yet, pending an appeal with the Immigration Dept) said, she's sure her village people in Indonesia would love to learn to make and use the garbage enzyme. Currently, the villagers grows corn, and after they husk the corn, there's lots of byproduct which they just burn. The burning fumes makes everyone sick. We are talking about acres and acres of burning land. They also have to spend a lot of money to buy chemical fertilizers and herbicides which they can ill afford. After all that effort, they can still barely put their kids through school, hence she now works in Malaysia as a nanny. I'm in the midst of searching for info in Indonesian language to print for her to send to her family. If there isn't any, I will translate it to Bahasa Malaysia and let her re-translate it to Bahasa Indonesia.

Skin problems resulting from the use of pesticides.

The Indonesian villagers are not the only ones who worry about the cost of living. Lots of people in Malaysia and Singapore worry too. We can make and use the garbage enzyme to reduce our expenses and have one less thing to worry. It's easy to make and take very little space, doesn't smell funky, like vinegar actually.

Meanwhile, I'd love to tell you about Dr Joean Oon from Penang who has made it her personal campaign to educate people on the wonderful use of garbage enzymes. She and her 10 dedicated staff has been on garbage enzyme road shows all across Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia and India.

We can do our bit too.

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