Monday, September 22, 2008


So anyways, I have been receiving tons of smses from friends about which products have been banned by SINGAPORE'S Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA). It's good to be cautious, but some of the items listed in the smses are actually not banned. Take, for example, Dutch Lady Milk. Only one Dutch Lady milk is banned and it is the Strawberry flavored one imported from China. Dutch Lady has the same strawberry flavored milk product imported from other countries, and those are not banned. (see my previous article to view the picture of the banned item).

I'm guessing the escalating costs of milk products is the reason why Dutch Lady imported this Strawberry Flavored Milk from China as milk from Australia and New Zealand is getting much more expensive. But the result is devastating. Due to these smses, a lot of people are now assuming all Dutch Lady products are banned.

As of now, AVA says they have detected only 3 items found to be contaminated with melamine.

They are;

1. White Rabbit Creamy Candy (OooOoo, I used to love them as a kid)
2. Yili Brand" Choice Dairy Fruit Bar Yogurt Flavored Ice Confection
3. “Dutch Lady” brand of strawberry flavored milk

Do note that since 19 Sep 08, AVA has suspended the import and sale of all milk and milk products from China. These products include milk, ice-cream, yogurt, confectionery such as chocolates, biscuits and sweets as well as any other products containing milk from China as an ingredient. Malaysia has followed suit and has suspended the import and sale of all milk and milk products from China.

I think it's best NOT to consume anything from China that has dairy in it. PERIOD!

Eat some raw food today!

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ps here is what reader Wendy Chan best explain what to do in times like these.

I think best bet is becoming vegetarian in this era of milk poisoning, mad cow disease, bird flu and what nots. It's scary. Let's just go back to basics. I'm a big fan of organic and raw veggies and fruits. I recommend this book "Skinny Bitch" if you haven't read it before. It contains the harsh reality of animal cruelty and plenty of information about going vegetarian. I'm a vegetarian by choice, I'm trying to go vegan, though I haven't been able to do it yet. Haha, eggs are still my staples.

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