Friday, September 5, 2008


Some parasite problems may result in some of these symptoms.
Do you have them?

- foul smelling bowel movement issues

- suffering with chronic illnesses which doctors say have no cure or they don't
know what caused these problems?

- poor colon health

- urinary urgency for years...getting up as many as six times in one night.

About 90% of the human population has some sort of parasite, one time or another. Consider this. Flu bugs are parasites. So are bacteria. A lot of parasites are microscopic. Others like the tape worm can be between 3 feet or even bigger! Many of these parasites causes familiar problems like those above.

A lot of medical practitioners now believe that bad parasites can cause imbalance in the body, and one of the results is cancer. The cervical cancer, for example is caused by human papilloma virus. Which is why, it is important to stay healthy, making sure parasites do not overtake your body. You should try to get rid of parasites.

Warning, what you are about to see may disturb you!

Gag me with a spoon, please! Yeech!


This picture is something that may have come out from Mad magazine, but really, it could be residing in your body.

Intestinal Flukes

Here's how you check your stools to see if you have anything weird coming out from your body.

1. Sit a fine plastic wire mesh bowl on the toilet seat
2. Poop into the plastic bowl
3. Slowly rinse the poop with running water, while stirring the "shit" (so to speak) with a disposable chopstick
4. Look at the remains of the poop and compare it with the pictures in this blog


Anonymous said...

I think you are mixing parasites and viruses in error in the article. HPV and the Flu are caused by viruses, not parasites.

S. said...

The point was that HPV takes a stronger hold when you're run down from parasites.

Anonymous said...

Though not usually referred to as a parasite, I think this article meant the viruses are parasites as in they feed of the body and cause harm. Isn't a parasite just an organism that feeds off of another and is not beneficial in any way? Viruses are just acellular parasites. Helminths are the classic 'worms' that most people think of as parasites. The classic definition/criteria for a parasite is that it 1) feeds off another and 2) causes damage. This can refer to any organism from acellular viruses, single-celled bacteria, to multi-cellular animals (worms), etc.