Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Some people have asked me if eating more raw food will make a person look sickly because they don't eat certain "established" food like cooked rice, pasterised milk, bread, burger ... things we take for granted as our every day food? The answer is no, not eating these stuff won't make a person look and feel sickly. I mean, if it does, I'd probably not write about it.

In fact, eating more raw food, is good for you. The main basis of raw food is to eat food that does not have artificial chemicals inside, organic food (if possible) and eat food that does not have it's vitamins and enzymes destroyed by heat.

Anyways, here are some amazing photos of people on the raw food diet.

Before and after pictures

Good looking healthy raw foodists

"Eat Raw Food Today" facebook group

ps please forward this email to your friends and loved ones and share the loving information of healthy eating.

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