Friday, October 24, 2008


I was scared that my eyesight had deteriorated, so I decided to hop over to the old optician shop, the one I used to go to since I was 14 years old to check on my eyesight. Now, I have not step foot inside there for more than 10 years now, ever since I got the lasik eye surgery my mum had been bugging me to do forever.

But guess what? The lady there recognized me after all these years. Called me by name even. Boy, I was taken by surprised, let me tell you. This was one thing I didn't expect. I have not seen her for more than 10 years.


But then, I used to visit the shop very often as a schoolgirl.

I'd lose my glasses in some toilet; glasses hung on my shirt would have accidentally dropped into the toilet bowl as I bend to flush. Why did I not wear those ugly frames? Because I was vain that's why. Bad enough I had to go through the ugly duckling stage then, why add more ugly stuff to my looks like those thick, cheap, plastic frames.

And I would do silly stuff like accidentally sit on my glasses thus crushing the frame or I would be careless and my plastic lens would have tons of scratches.

Many a time, I would quietly use my lunch money to fix my glasses cause you know, my dad would have screamed bloody murder if he knew how careless I was with my glasses. I would choose cheap frames, and cheap plastic lenses cause I had to keep fixing my glasses, and I had not much money to speak of then.

Anyways, back to the lady who recognize me, I always tend to forget, even in a big, big city, there always a little corner somewhere, where neighbours can and do try to live like they are in an old charm, small town community. Something like the Cheers bar, where everybody knows your name.

Kinda nice really. Kinda scary as well.

But hey, even better news! My eyesight is still perfect. The optician said there was nothing wrong with my eyes, except I could be staring at the "puter" far too long. I know sooner and later I will need reading glasses, but until then, I'm going to continue drinking my raw carrot juice and anything delicious tasting raw beta carotene foods.

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