Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Carry baby in a shirt! Multiple ways to use a clothing item!

I promised you that I will show you how to carry a baby inside your shirt, in case of disasters.

A shirt?

Yes, a shirt!

In crisis situations following a natural disaster, contact carrying is more vital than ever. You may not have access to a vehicle, and sometimes, must hold on to a child for hours. Having a carrier will not only make the child feel safe, but it will relieve your hands to carry other essential items. If you ever had to carry a baby for more than 10 mins, you will appreciate a tool that will help you make life easier. Truly, if you have a good carrier, it will save your back, shoulders and arms from pain.

Baby carriers are always handy to learn to use.

Reuse, reduce and recycle.

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ps please forward this email to your friends who have kids. They may be interested in seeing this video.

pps there's other videos.

Carrying a toddler using a towel

Carrying a toddler using a sweatpants

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