Wednesday, February 18, 2009


WWF Malaysia executive director Datuk Dr Dionysius S.K. Sharma said on March 28, several iconic landmarks in the country such as the Kuala Lumpur Tower, Angkasapuri, Sunway Pyramid and Mid Valley Megamall would join hands with landmarks in 74 other countries to observe Earth Hour and they will switch off non-essential lights for an hour from 8.30pm.

Now, I'd be the first to see how that goes, because, March 28 is a Saturday, and 8.30pm is one of the busiest shopping periods of the week, so, I wonder which lights are going to be turned off.

Having said that, Earth Hour is a wonderful concept that reminds us all we need to be conservative with our electricity use. My granny used to forever remind me to turn off the lights, do not waste water, yada, yada, yada. And you know, I use to somewhat resent her nagging..... but know I seem to do the same with my three year old son *grin*

Here's a few tips for you to save electricity.

1. Change your light bulbs to those that use less power.
2. Turn off the lights if you don't use them
3. Use less electricity and consider cost saving cooking methods such as using a thermal pot. We use a thermal pot to boil food on the fire for a short period of time, and then, transfer the pot to a thermal device to slow cook further without any use of electricity or gas. The heat from the food and the container itself will slowly help the food to continue cooking. It's like crock pot cooking, minus any electricity. If you are up to it, try solar cooking as well. I have a wonderful blog article on how to make this free cooking tool
4. Don't turn on so many tvs in the house, and instead, watch tv together to bond together. I noticed that many houses have multiple tvs. Maybe because tvs have become affordable, or maybe each person got sick of waiting to watch their favourite program, and fighting for the remote. We should go back to the basics. Learn to tolerate each other's habits and learn to give and take and find common tv shows that everyone likes to watch.

There's lots more ways to save electricity. We just need to look.

Please key in this date 8.30pm, March 28 and join us all to save electricity on that hour. Get your friends to join you in doing so. Maybe it can be a fun event. An example of a fun activity is have a barbeque party at the house, turn off all the lights except the ones outside and celebrate Earth Hour. A party is great because everyone is not at their own house, and instead is sharing electricity at a common place, bonding with each other. What could be more fun! Let me tell you, my husband loves parties with his buddies because they all sit around and joke and laugh. It's very therapeutic for the soul.

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