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And Health Benefits of Lemon Grass

Studies have shown that the lemon grass has antibacterial and anti fungal properties. Mixed with pepper, it's a home therapy for menstrual troubles and nausea. Drank as tea, it is an effective diuretic. When it comes to pets, citronella is used to neutralize excessive barking of dogs. Since dogs hate citronella, it is sprayed to dogs to prevent them from barking or just to lessen the behavior.

The Lemon grass is a good cleanser that helps to detoxify the Liver, pancreas, kidney, bladder and the digestive tract. It cuts down uric acid, cholesterol, excess fats and other toxins in the body while stimulating digestion, blood circulation, and lactation; it also alleviates indigestion and gastroenteritis. It is said that lemongrass also helps improve the skin by reducing acne and pimples and acts as a muscle and tissue toner. Also, it can reduce blood pressure. Just make a concoction by boiling some lemon grass leaves, let it cool for a while and drink the liquid.

About the author: Manolito Montala is a webmaster and one of his interests is collecting local medicinal plants information which can be found in Filipino Herbs Healing Wonders.


Jasmin Says:

Occasionally, I just take 1 organic lemongrass stalk which grows like wild in my yard. Blend it with 1-2 cups water, keep that in the fridge. It can keep up to 2 days in the fridge. Then, I just add a little bit of the blended juice to whatever drink my family is having (usually just plain water) to increase their intake of good phytochemicals, antioxidants and vitamins.

It really taste refreshing with some sweetener like raw sugar cane or honey and some ice on a hot day, like the heatwave I've been experiencing for the past one month.

But really, I mainly just drink it plain.

The trick to drinking it plain is to be able to barely taste the lemongrass in your drinking water. If you start to gag drinking it, then, you've really added in too much!

Try it today.


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Anita said...

They are right abt cats loving it, my cat bulbul always likes to nibble the wild plant growing in our backyard. I initially planted it for cooking purposes but stayed away when it grew wild. Nice to know abt medicinal properties, may try one day ;)

RawFoodie said...

You have a cat name Bulbul? That's so cute!

Anonymous said...

dogs love lemongrass. i don't know where you got the idea they hate it, mine and many friends over the years have all watched our dogs munching it regularly

Anonymous said...

"Bulbul" in Filipino language is pubic hair...