Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mulukkhiya The King Of Vegetables

Mulukkhiya (A Favorite Egyptian Vegetable)

I just bought a HUGE bag of organic Mulukkhiya from the Just Life organic shop. I could not believe how cheap they were. Only RM2 (about USD0.60). I've never ate this vege before, so why not try it. The lady at the store suggested I add them into an omelet or add into a vege soup, but I decided to just eat it raw with my rice and curry, like an ulam. For those of you who are not Malaysians, ulam is just a side dish of raw vege that is normally served with rice and curry.

This vege did not have a bitter taste, kinda sweet for a vege and does not have any distinct fragrance. It will go well in a salad as well, I'm pretty sure. However, blending it with water to make a vege juice was just such a disaster. The whole thing came out like a goo, because, it had an amazingly curative but slimy property called Muchin. Muchin helps strengthen veins, lubricates and repairs injured mucus membranes. I hope some Egyptians reading my posts won't get a heart attack finding out how I'm eating their favorite vegetable. It's totally radical from how they eat it. It's just like when I read about how some people put Goji Berries into their smoothies or into a pie. My grandma would have turned in her grave. To her, Goji Berries or Kei Chi should only be used in soups or some medicinal dish.

The name Mulukhiya is derived mainly from the arabic word muluki which means royal. And what a right royal plant it is. The Japanese researches found out that this vegetable chock full of vitamin A, B1, B2, C, K, E, calcium, iron, potassium, protein, beta carotene and zinc. Some people have even started calling it the king of vegetables.

Check out your local organic store today to see if they stock this awesome summer vege.

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Never heard of it! I do hope it's available in the states, Jasmin. I'll look for it. :)