Friday, May 22, 2009

A Day In My Life

Bought tons of raw stuff the Tesco supermarket today. Lots of apples and pears (cheap), watermelon, onions, fresh chinese mushrooms, cabbages, a huge bag of cucumbers. Later, hubby bought grapes from Jusco Desa ParkCity right after his evening walk with 3 year old Yang-Yang because the small one wants to eat it NOW! He's really a cute little guy.

Meanwhile, my dad just could not stop laughing at me because I accidentally wrapped the Jambu Air flowers that looked like the budding fruit with newspaper! What I was trying to do was wrap the fruits so that the little critters won't get to eat before it even had a chance to ripen on the tree.

Dear God! I'm having a losing battle with the 2 resident squirrels. That and them wily birds. They keep chomping on my organic Jambu Air fruits and organic grapes.


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