Friday, May 8, 2009


I was just reading about this lady who used her old, unused jam jars (like peanut butter jelly jars or my old standby marmalade jam jars) as her coffee mug.

I though it was an excellent idea. If I were to leave any sweet drinks on the counter, ants would swarm around in an instant. So, if I were to use a jam jar as my mug, I could just shut the lid tight when I'm not drinking, and those nasty bugs can't get to it. It'll be great for the office too. By the way, I could juice some vegetable or fruit juice, fill it up to the brim (to prevent oxidation), put the lid on, and carry the drink with me cause it's spill proof if I put it in my handbag. Perfect!

Break one, and there will be another jar to replace. I'd save money cause I don't have to by a mug. I could also use the jar to keep cookies, safety pins, and stuff when I don't need a drink.

I'm too cheap, so when my kids go to college, I'm make them use jam jars as mugs in their dorm rooms. Heck, jam jars are multipurpose so they will have plenty of ways to use them. They are smart kids. They will figure it out.

Currently, I use recycled glass jam jars to store baby food in the fridge or on the go. I can't bear to use plastic for my baby. I get the jeebies thinking about how plastic will leech into foodstuff.

So, yeah, I'm putting on my thinking cap to come out with more ways to use this versatile product.

I just love the recycling!

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