Thursday, May 14, 2009

Today’s Tip: Drink tap water instead of unhealthy soft drinks and sports drinks.

Give your body and your wallet a rest and make it a point to drink only plain water today.

Skip all the drinks that have artificial flavorings, like soda and anything that has sugar in it, like coffee with sugar.

By doing this simple act of flushing your body with clean water, you will immediately reduce your carbon footprint because there's less plastic bottles to use and make, less sugar means less water, less electricity to produce this white gold and so on.

Your body deserves needs a break from processing all sorts of chemicals as well.

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ps Try not to buy bottles of water or use paper or plastic cups at the office. Instead, try to use a reusable water bottle and carry fresh, clean water from a known source (like your kitchen). For every one less disposable you don't use, there's one less disposable item that goes into the garbage dump.

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