Saturday, May 16, 2009


I had just finish replying a question about eating in one of the parent forums when I realized, hey, I. EAT. A. LOT!

Dinner was 2 plates of rice with vege and meat. Not to mention 1 biggg bowl of Chinese herbal watercress carrot pork soup. Plus raw coconut water. And I also ate up DS1's leftover rice, because he was full, and didn't want to eat anymore. Can't let that go to waste now can we?

And I just had 2 large cheese sandwiches topped with 1 large raw avocado at 10.54pm because I was HUNGRY! And I also had 3 large glasses of plain water.

While I was at it, I was debating if I should move my butt and make myself a tall glass of raw pegaga vege juice sweeten with some raw honey.

I'm now 42kg, down from pre pregnant 48kg weight. When I was a teen, my weight was 60kg! 15 month Ds2's still breastfeeding voraciously, and that, my friend, is better than any weight loss program you can find in the market.

During my first pregnancy, I had warned hubby I'd probably use up his retirement fund to pay for some chi-chi weight loss program. I bet he felt grateful when that didn't materialize.

Jasmin Who's Eating Up A Storm Now Because She Can't Do So When She Stops Breastfeeding!
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