Saturday, April 18, 2009

Great video how we can make trash into food

It's a great video on how people can use sustainable ways to create a sustainable lifestyle.

For example, the video talks about how people are trying to create Eco villages and Eco cities in China that uses cheap reusable materials to make houses, and to create an environment to encourage sustainable enterprises to get people to stay and thrive in villages instead of having to migrate to cities to look for jobs. They talk about creating farms on rooftops of buildings in China because as population increases, land for farms will ultimately decrease.

The video also talks about how Nike is trying to create a shoe that uses less raw materials to make, that is safe for the environment, and that is easily recycled when it is trashed later.

There are lots of other interesting info about how man can make a product that can be recycled safely.
Designing every product in such a way that at the end of its lifecycle the component materials become a new resource. Designing buildings in such a way that they produce energy and become a friend to the environment.

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