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Durian, an Asian super fruit, has been used for centuries in Eastern medicine.

According to Cleo Malaysia magazine (Dec 2008), durian's creamy pulp contains protective antioxidants, hydrating oils and natural sugars which help maintain healthy moisture levels and strengthen cell membranes to prevent skin cell degradation.

Fresh, raw durian is good for all of us ..... but you know, in moderation only ........

How do I know this? Hubby once ate nothing but durians for an entire month (Soccer World Cup Year 2002!). Yup, he did!

He was working from home, so he did nothing but just go out and buy pre cut, pre packed durian meat in a styrofoam box at lunch time, and had them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. No exercise, no sleep, no nothing, except soccer and really painful gas. At first, he could not figure out what made him ill. Was it the lack of exercise? Certainly, vegetating on the couch and no body movement, other than to retrieve food from the plate sitting on the floor and punching the remote control with the thumb, can not be a good thing. But after a while, it dawned on him that the culprit was too much durian. Too much of a good thing, you might say.If you are curious, you can go to his blog and read about his love of World Cup and this gassy experience!

Apparently, durian is so good, Murad is now making anti-wrinkle cream from it. Murad is sold everywhere nowadays, and if you are looking for a jar of this miracle cream, you can try contacting CN Beauty as they are the main distributor of the Murad products in Malaysia.

Go out and have a bite of durian for good health and good looks!

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