Saturday, June 13, 2009


Ah! Mangosteen. I love Mangosteen. However, the season is short, and it feels like there's an abundance of Mangosteen only once a year. The rest of the time, it's pretty expensive and hard to come by.

Here's some handy tips to choosing Mangosteen.

Tip No 1
Press the fruit lightly. It should yield. If it's hard, toss it back into the fruit bin and choose another. A soft fruit will have yummy, creamy, slightly tart and sweet segments inside.

The inner part of the Mangosteen has segments, much like an orange, but wayyyy tastier than an orange. The smaller segments has no seeds, while the bigger segments have them. So how do we choose a fruit that has less seeds?

Tip No 2
Look at the bottom of the fruit. The fruit you see in the picture has 5 "petals". Each petal represents the segment inside the fruit. The more petals you see, the more segments you will get in the fruit. And the more segments mean there's less space for a bigger segment with a large seed. This means, you will have plenty of smaller segments without the seeds. Yum!

Once you gobble up all the fruit, do consider trashing your Mangosteen skins inside a compost heap.

Remember, Mangosteen season is almost over, so quickly take advantage and buy them before they disappear! Eating lots of raw, fresh food is good for you!

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