Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Fav Soursop Shop

I regularly go to a small little drink stall at the Bandar Tun Razak Velodrome Stadium to get my Soursop fix. The lady there makes the smoothie thick, creamy, sweet and ice cold. Her shop is popular, so she makes large batches of it at one go. A very large cup (imagine 2 mugs of the smoothie) costs only RM2.50 (about USD0.70 sooo cheap). You won't find Soursop smoothies at this price anywhere else in the city. I've had them before in Thai restaurants, and it's priced at about RM7 (USD2) for a small glass of it.

I'm sorry the picture is not clear. I had to take it using my phone while carrying a heavy load of food from the highly popular food stall next door that sell Kelantanese food.

I've read somewhere that Soursop is good for breastfeeding mothers because it helps increase the flow of breast milk.

Also, it's anti parasite so it's good for you if you are active in outdoors sports, love gardening or you have pets. Let kids have regular soursop drinks as well. Kids do all sorts of things like play with sand, and then, eat stuff without washing their hands or pet dirty animals. You can bet they will get worms sometime or another.

Tomorrow, I'll show you how the fruit looks like and a very simple Soursop recipe.

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