Monday, June 8, 2009


Here's a radical thought, get a small boy to pee in your garden or at the public park ....... discreetly, of course!

Pee makes great plant fertilizers.

Also, there's no flushing involved when the kid pees outdoors, saving the municipal and you money that would have gone to processing water to flush that toilet.

You don't have to clean the toilet as often. Bonus.

Parents save on disposable diapers or if they use cloth diapers, they won't have to wash so many. Meanwhile the public does not have to live with an avalanche of additional disposable diapers that would have choked the landfill even further.

It's win-win for everyone.

The next time a small kid pees outside and someone disapproves of it, tell them it's good for us and the environment, and tell them to lighten up. You know, granddad probably used to do it as a kid!

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