Friday, November 14, 2008


These are some of my children's books,
some lovingly chewed by the baby when nobody is watching him!

Last week was my spring cleaning week. Truthfully, I'm a secret rat pack, and my place has not really been purged for years.

I had lots of nice clothes I didn't wear for 3 years or more because I spent a lot of my time being pregnant. Good thing lots of people were willing to take it off my hands.

I had a lot of old books as well. Those who know me and my hubby, know we luv books. So, it's really hard to give them away. You never know when you need to refer back to them because once they are out of circulation, they are really hard to find (unless we are really desperate, I'm sure Amazon has them stocked somewhere). But you know what, clean home, clean mind, clean body.

These are my 14 year old MBA notes
which I have no heart to throw away,
taken in the dark, because the kids are sleeping

So off these valuable books went to the nearest library. That way, I could just pop over and read my favorite books if I need them. Sharing is just wonderful.
Some of the books I'm currently reading
We have a whole room dedicated to anything that's made of paper;
files, books, whatever.
Then, there are more books in both our parent's houses.

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