Wednesday, March 11, 2009

In Bali they have a day when the airport closes. The roads close. Nothing is open.

Says Roger Hamilton

In Bali they have a day in Spring called "Nyepi" when EVERYTHING stops. Zero energy consumption. The airport closes. The roads close (They have patrols all over the island to stop anyone who drives). This is the end of the old year when they go back to zero. (Of course the next day there's a big party).

Zero consumption. No one cries. No one dies. Actually, it's quite nice.

I sat next to Stephen Roach, Chairman of Morgan Stanley, at an environmental panel. I commented "We're in a cold aircon room in our suits talking about saving energy by using energy. If we were serious, we'd go outside in the sun, take off our jackets and have a zero carbon conversation".

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