Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Trying to eat fresher tasting food

I just came back from Gold Coast Australia. It was a hectic and tiring 1 week holiday.

While I was there, my mum and I noticed that the vegetables we used to make baby food like the cauliflower and the broccoli were very tasty. It tasted fresh, and it tasted sweeter than what we have back in Malaysia. (we stayed in a nice 3 bedroom apartment near the beach that came with a great kitchen you see).

During our trip, we kept discussing and wondering why the vegetables we bought tasted fabulous, and then I realise, that's because these vegetables are probably farm fresh, or at least fresher than ours. We get a lot of our vegetables flown in from China and India, yes carrots, onions and stuff. Probably only perishable leafy vegetables are brought in from the Malaysian highlands like Cameron Highlands.

So what does it say about the food we put on the table? I am pretty sure, fresh is always best, though clearly not the most convenient.

There is this movement called the 100 Mile Diet, that I think is pretty amazing.

Read about some of their interesting quests to try to eat everything local, within a 100 mile radius

Come join my "Eat Raw Food Today" facebook group

ps can you believe I finally tried cooked beetroot, in a steak sandwich? Nice. I've never, never had cooked beetroot before, not even when I lived in Kansas for 5 years. I've had freshly juiced beetroot mixed into my fruit juice, and I have to say, I don't like fresh juiced beetroot. Yuck!

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