Saturday, June 6, 2009

Soursop / Durian Belanda / Cherimoya

Soursop fruit

My family moved a lot when I was young. Practically every two years in fact. No, we were not in the army, close enough. Dad was a government servant with the Land and Survey Department.

When I was about 4, we were posted to a small town called Sungai Petani (Farmer's River). Dad was given a huge old bungalow to live in. Right next to the house, there was a big Soursop tree. Our dog loved to sleep under that tree. We kids didn't really go out into the very large yard because there were lots of snakes out there (told you it was large, very large by today's standard).

It has a soft, creamy, almost custard like center

Anyways, mum said us kids hardly eat the fruit then. She can't remember why. But that's a pity, because it was really nice to eat.

Now that we are adults, we love Soursop. But I usually buy it from the Bandar Tun Razak Velodrome Stadium drink stall near my mum's house as they have done all the dirty work of peeling, removing the skin, and blending the fruit into a drink. And those guys sell it cheap there.

Soursop Smoothie

- To pick a ripe fruit, choose a fruit that is soft enough to yield to the slight pressure of one's thumb.
- Cut open the fruit and remove the hard, black seeds.
- place the soft flesh into a blender, add sugar to taste and ice

So simple. The other easy way to eat it, is to eat the pulp straight. No blending, nothing!

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ps I went back to Sungai Petani to visit my old home when I was in my early twenties. The old house is gone now. That's such a pity because they don't built houses of those designs anymore. It's unique because it has a sheltered court yard at the back of the house. The huge Flame of the Forest rainforest trees are gone. So's the Soursop tree. They tore down everything and built two bungalows in it's compound instead. Land must have been pricey. No doubt, in the future, those two houses will go. The government may built an apartment complex in what is essentially government land.

pps one of the readers pointed out to me that it is possible to overdose on soursop. I agree. You know, just like everything, it's best to take things in moderation. Hubby once ate nothing but durian for a whole month with dire consequences.

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Saima said...

Hi Ms. Jasmine.
I bumped into your blog while desperately researching on Soursop.
My dad was recently diagnosed with cancer (Lymphoma). The doctors said that it is in curable stage. After knowing and witnessing the side effects of the drugs and therapies involved in cancer treatments, we really want to cure it as much as possible with the alternative ways. Im sure you understand me in this regard. Basically, I really urgently need to know of ways to get this fruit or its pulp (preservative free ofcourse) from malaysia or indonesia... I have a friend in malaysia currently who is trying to help....any guidance or tips or any kind of help will be extremely appreciated. I will be eagerly looking forward to your response.
Thank you so much.

RawFoodie said...


May I know where you live? If you live in America, it's possible to find them at local Asian or South American supermarkets.

Also, get as much green juice as you can for your dad. Eat raw food as much as possible. Someone's mom had cancer. Her daughter told me every time her mom ate regular cooked food, her white blood cells deteriorate. I can't verify this, but you probably can. On the morning of the test, note what he eats and see the blood work results as opposed to something else he eats on another occasion when he does a similar blood work test.

Also, I'd like to recommend to very good resources for you to check on like. Read about
a) Norman Walker
b) The Hippocrates Health Institute

Also, you and your family need to deal with your dad's attitude towards his illness.

Says Dr. Brian Clement from Hippocrates

“I am 100% clear that ALL healing requires the psychological aspects to be dealt with.” I cannot get people to do this program unless they like themselves, love themselves, unless they know who they are and where in life they’re going. This can only be sparked through emotional work and a change in mental attitude.” He even went so far as to offer, “If you did everything perfect physically, followed the perfect diet, and you did not address the mental and emotional aspects of an illness, you would not make it.” You might live longer and suffer less, but you wouldn’t make it.” These are strong words coming from someone who has worked with many thousands of very sick people over several decades.

Good luck. And if you need moral support, send me a private message at